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The name says it all! This is my favorite book to turn to when I'm down in the dumps or feeling unsure of myself and second guessing my creative choices. I also keep it on my desk at work to help me get through the dreaded "burnout" that tends to plague most creative types. 

This book is full of inspirational quotes from some very well known artists and designers. While some are a little on the corny side, I'd say there is something to glean from 98% of this book. Aside from words of encouragement, it has a lot of practical advice and unique ways of looking at things to help you adjust your thinking. The thing I like most about this book is that each artist is given two pages to offer some tidbit of wisdom and showcase their art, making it very easy to get a quick boost of reassurance and inspiration in a short amount of time. It's kinda like taking a little multivitamin for your creative soul!

Sean Miller